Visit to Hackney Museum

In May we visited Hackney Museum’s exhibition Women on Screens which shared some of the radical printmaking and spirit of social action coming out of Lenthall Road Workshop from 1970s-1990s.

There was amazing and inspiring work exhibited that feels so relevant still today. Some of our favourites included:
A is for ‘Ackney (1970s), an alphabet book created by a group at the workshop to help with adult English literacy.
Towards Tomorrow (1988), an excerpt from a calendar produced as a project to encourage local women to screen print. November, created by Ruth Burgess, was inspired by a young woman called Tracy, the only female in an all-male garage.
The new misandry (1980), a parody of a breakfast cereal advert; it was intended to poke fun at the man hating caricature of feminists popularised in the media.