Talk with Ibrahim Mahama

Art is what there is yet to become, not what is.
— Ibhahim Mahama

On 20 July 2019, PEER Notices artist Rebecca Moss invited Ibrahim Mahama after meeting him through the Future Generation Art Price.

Ibrahim was very generous in talking about his journey into making. He discussed his interest in commodities travelling boundaries and the importance of looking at systems of production, as well as the objects that come into being. What becomes of objects that have been in circulation for a while and what memories have they gained? Why do we value specific systems and regard certain things more highly than others.

During his thought provoking talk he encouraged us to challenge systems and embrace our collectivity. We very much enjoyed hearing about Scca Tamale, a new art space that he has helped open in Tamale, Ghana and its connection to local people. We are looking forward to hearing more about it.