Real Estates

A project by Fugitive Images in association with Lux

18 February to 28 March 2015

A six week multi-purpose project coordinated by art collective Fugitive Images opening PEER up as a social, discursive and imaginative space around issues of housing and spatial justice in East London through a constantly changing series of exhibitions, screenings, discussions, readings and workshops. 

Featuring work by Fugitive Images, Focus E15 Campaign, Tom Hunter, Bekki Perriman, Andre Anderson, John Smith, Marcia Farquhar, Moyra Peralta, John Rogers, DIG Collective, Smart Urhoife and many more… 

Wednesday to Saturday 12 noon to 6PM. 

Project launch
18 February 7pm

Owen Jones, author, campaigner and Guardian columnist will launch the Real Estates project. 

Week One
18 to 21 February 

This week expands on the Estate project by Fugitive Images, featuring material generated from their long-term engagement on the Haggerston Estate in collaboration with residents and local practitioners. Key events include an evening with filmmaker John Smith including screenings of Hackney Marshes and Blight, UEL Unit 10 students will hold a seminar on their design and engagement with the Nightingale Estate, and talks from the information, support and campaign group Hackney Digs. Full programme details.


Week Two
25 to 28 February 

This week will profile work by artist Tom Hunter including a sculptural model and photographs of the Holly Street Estate  (demolished in 1997) made in collaboration with artist James Mackinnon and Mike Seaborne; and his film A Palace for Us. Events include workshops with sound artist Brandon LaBelle and architectural theoretician Jane Rendell, and a talk by architect and Head of Central Saint Martins, Jeremy Till. Film maker and writer John Rogers (Trews Reports/Drift Report) surveys his ongoing series of videos highlighting housing campaigns around London including the New Era Estate, West Hendon, and Save Soho. Full programme details.

Week Three
4 to 7 March  

This week is themed around homelessness. Bekki Perriman’s The Doorways Project explores homeless culture through photography and sound, inviting visitors to pay attention to the intimate, sometimes humorous, often disturbing and mostly ignored stories of homeless people. This will be accompanied by photographs by Moyra Peralta and work from Cardboard Citizens which has been making theatre with homeless people for over 20 years, for homeless and non-home- less audiences. Cardboard Citizens is informed and inspired by Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed,using the arts to provoke debate and rehearse actions. Events include a screening of Ken Loach’s Cathy Come Home Shelter and talks by performance artist Marcia Farquhar and campaigners Lesley Woodburn and Barry Watt. Full programme details.

Images from Marcia Farquhar's performance lecture 'Onions in the plughole', on Saturday 7 March. Farquhar brings her poignant and surreal humour to an account of her mother's tenacious resilience as a struggling lone parent in an ever precarious housing situation. 

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Barry Watt, psychotherapist, housing campaigner and activist, introduces the week's programme and presents a talk entitled London, Foreclosed , on psychosis and housing policy looking at the work of RD Laing and Lacan and the psychological and legal notion of ‘foreclosure’.

Session with Local activist, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition supporter Lesley Woodburn

Week Four
11 to 14 March

This week is curated by DIG Collective, formed of William Bock, Alberto Duman, Sophie Mason and Mark Morgan, who came together to interrogate demolition and redevelopment, ritual and nature in Hackney Central. Full programme details.

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DIG Collective lead a discussion entitled Beyond planning: Fake Estates, SLOAP, empty homes; limits to the monetisation of contemporary urban space. With Paul Watt (Birkbeck), Melissa Butcher (The Open University) and Jon Fitzmaurice (Self Help Housing).

Week Five
18 to 21 March 

This week is run by Focus E15 Campaign, continuing to build their movement that demands SOCIAL HOUSING, NOT SOCIAL CLEANSING. The week will be a melting pot of ideas and events, exhibiting visual materials and films about their campaign, hosting an eviction resistance workshop, open mic night, discussions and socials. Full programme details.

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Long table discussion with Focus E15

Week Six
25 to 28 March 

The final week will feature an expanded enquiry from Fugitive Images, including politics and high fashion expressed in the Ghana Must Go bags made by Estate fashion designer Smart Urhoife. Events include a panel discussion by and on Women, Home and Activism with Lorna & Elam Forrester, Alison Marchant, Gillian McIver, Lesley Woodburn, Emer Mary Morris, Aysen Dennis, Jane Rendell, Cathy Ward and Andrea Luka Zimmerman; a screening of Guillaume Meigneux’s HLM –Habitations Légèrement Modifiées; readings from poet Stephen Watts; and an evening with the Authors of the Estate project contributors –Andre Anderson, Raze, Predz UK, Kayden Bell, Jade Snyper, Nathaniel Telemaque. Special thanks to Jenny Hayton and Kate Burnett at CSM costume store. Full programme details.


Located on Hoxton Street since 2002, PEER is geographically located at the centre of the widening gap between rich and poor. It welcomes this opportunity to be part of the broader conversation about the impact of the dismantling of social housing and huge increases in private rent on the wellbeing of communities. A fundamental aspiration for PEER is to make high quality art available to local, long-established residents of Hoxton as part of the daily experience of the high street. The Real Estates project provides a relevant and urgent channel through which PEER and our communities can explore these ideas further. 

Based in Hackney since the mid 1990s, LUX supports and promotes artists moving image practice, generating and contributing to critical discourse around it. LUX distributes the work of Andrea Luka Zimmerman, whose recent film Estate, a Reverie(2015) provides a starting point for the project Real Estates. 

Restless Futures is a continuing programme of events that show how design can and should contribute constructively to societal transformation. Central Saint Martins is part of University of the Arts London. 
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