Art for All: Their Policies and Our Culture


Art for All: Their Policies and Our Culture


Edited by Mark Wallinger and Mary Warnock 


Paperback (December 14, 2000)
Publisher: Peer
ISBN: 0-9539-7720X
184 pages, 300 x 237mm 
34 illustrations (various)
Printed in 170gsm Munken Pure & 300gsm Munken Pure


A large format and graphically bold publication that goes to the very heart of contemporary debate about the responsibility and function of the arts and of artists in society today.


This book explores the subject in a variety of ways, ranging between political, philosophical and analytical texts, fiction, verse and images.

Some of the central questions asked include:
• What are the basic principles of state patronage of the arts? 
• What are the tensions between politicians and artists, between public sector cultural practice and between modern democracy and high culture? 
• Contemporary art practice is usually regarded as a way of pushing boundaries, breaking rules, taking risks, and sometimes, (necessarily) making mistakes. How does this square with the notion of contemporary art as having a social, community and educational role? 
• Is art good for you?
• Should art be for everyone even for those who don't want it?


The book includes over 60 texts and specially submitted contributions by:
Kingsley Amis, Art in Ruins, Terry Atkinson, BANK, Tony Banks, David Bartholomew, David Batchelor, Big Sister, Melvyn Bragg, Ian Breakwell, Andrew Brighton, Adam Chodzko, Roger Cook, Sacha Craddock Martin Creed, Penelope Curtis, Jeremy Deller, Terry Dicks, Lord Eccles, Jes Fernie, Jean Fisher, Valerian Freyberg, William Furlong, Ben Gibson, Lord Gibson, Gilbert and George, Rene Gimpel, Antony Gormley, Helen Gould, Richard Grayson, David Heathcoat-Amory, Graham Higgin, Matthew Higgs, Stewart Home, Joan Key, Lord Keynes, Jennie Lee, Wyndham Lewis, Michael Madden, Christopher Mansell, François Matarasso, Lord McIntosh, Roland Miller, Geoff Mulgan, Nicholas Murray, Richard Noble, Janette Parris, John Pick, Gerry Robinson, Lord Rees-Mogg, Mark Ryan, Alex Sainsbury, Stella Santacatterina, Charles Saumarez Smith, Arthur Scargill, Brian Sedgemore, Chris Smith, Bob and Roberta Smith, Ingrid Swenson, Nick Trench, George Walden, Mark Wallinger, Mary Warnock, Raymond Williams and Ken Worpole.

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