Political Homeopathy

Drew Milne, Gilian Breeze, Richard Wentworth

October  1998

During October 1998, space was purchased in the pages of The Spectator magazine. For three consecutive weeks, images by Drew Milne (3 Oct), Gilian Breeze (10 Oct) and Richard Wentworth (17 Oct) appeared unattributed and without reference to their origin or means of finance. In the following November these artists' work also appeared in the pages of The New Statesman.

The project was initiated by Andrew Brighton, a Trustee of Peer. Brighton proposes that our political discourse has been invaded by art. "Artifice now makes appearance, compelling fictions drive the word and form is all." This project addresses the situation by administering a dose of art to political discourse. Homeopathic cures work on the principle that the healthy body will build a natural resistance to disease by taking in minute quantities of the drug that induces symptoms similar to the illness being treated.