Planting More Tubs at New City College, Shoreditch Library and North Arden Estate

Alice (Curator for Local Audiences), Jane (Garden Designer) and local residents Antonella and Peter planted three tubs in one day!

The tub planted at New City College is for Aina, who teaches on a catering course at the college. Her tub was filled with herbs for her students to learn more about, smell and most importantly use in their cooking. We may have also planted a toilet with mint too, which like moist conditions!

On the North and South Arden Estate, we planted two baths on Myrtle Walk – a site that currently falls victim to antisocial behaviour. Ivy will climb up the grey railings and we hope that it will help to brighten up a dark area of the estate for local residents.

We planted Shoreditch Library’s bath which is full of ferns; perfect for the moist, damp conditions where the bath is situated.