11/05/19 - Third PEER Notices Workshop - Hoxton Inventions

In the third PEER Notices workshop Rebecca introduced the Ambassadors to Rube Goldberg, who was a cartoonist in the 1920s that created drawings of wonderful, convoluted contraptions for simple tasks. The work of Finnish artist, Iiu Susiraja, was introduced, particularly paying attention to the use of her body in funny arrangements in order to achieve everyday chores, as well as how she inserts her body into the landscape as an object in itself. We also looked at contemporary artist, Andy Holden, who created an avatar of himself, animated it and inserted it into different landscapes. Finally she played the Fischli and Weiss’ iconic The way things go (1987), which shows the chain reaction of everyday objects lined up in a sequence; the perfect motivator at the beginning of a workshop!

Revealed to the group were a variety of materials including a snorkelling kit with flippers, bath tub, broom, an essential moustache disguise, bricks, poster tubes, string, rope, a watering can, ladder, tape, a fan, coat hangers, pallets, party poppers, a flag, balloons, cardboard boxes and other delightful props. They were then tasked to take inspiration from these aforementioned artists and create ambitious inventions that performed a chosen task.

The groups split up and the materials were pushed to their very limits by the ambition of the Ambassadors, but time was not on their side; having an hour to not only conceptualise, but create their fully-functioning inventions. After much deliberating, experimenting, trial and error, agreements, disagreements, testing and laughter, Iarla, Fatim, Gideon and Amida were first to present their contraption: an invention for the safe detonation of party poppers. The second invention incorporated PEER’s bath tubs, which Alice was very happy about, and was an elaborate contraption to water the baths; requiring a ladder, pallet, wood, rope, a watering can and an extremely tall person.