27/04/19 - Second PEER Notices Workshop - Disguise and Disrupt

In the Second PEER Notices workshop, Rebecca began by talking to the ambassadors in more detail about her work; how she often inserts herself in the Essex landscape and draws strength from the local. She uses her economic circumstances as a source of empowerment, embracing resourcefulness and experimenting with whatever she can get her hands on

Drawing upon the legacy of artists like Valie Export, Rebecca encouraged the ambassadors to make art interventions near PEER, along Hoxton Street and on the North and South Arden Estate. Splitting into groups, she asked them to insert themselves into the urban environment, taking one photo that disturbed it and one photo that disguised themselves

The ambassadors fully embraced the challenge, finding unexplained holes in brick walls, disappearing in corridors, using discarded plant cuttings to disguise themselves, finding children's toy police cars abandoned after play time when the sun went in and placing them next to cars under the watchful eye of the car parking attendant, hiding behind street maps and hanging on telephones.