In early 2019, PEER was delighted to announce that we were awarded a grant of £50,000 by Paul Hamlyn Foundation enabling us to continue the PEER Ambassadors programme and to introduce PEER Notices. Together, these pioneering projects aim to provide paid experience for local young people from BAME and lower socio-economic backgrounds, as well as the opportunity for them to work alongside artists on public art projects. 

PEER Ambassadors are young people aged 16 - 25, living, working or studying in Hackney, who receive paid gallery experience from PEER. They are the face of PEER welcoming visitors from all walks of life into the gallery and introducing them to our exhibitions. All the while, they are able to gain in depth knowledge to the inner workings of a small arts organisation with a 20-year history.

Alongside the paid experience, they are offered free cultural learning opportunities; participating in gallery and studio visits, inspiring talks from local young creatives and masterclasses from international experts within the field of public art.

Thanks to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation,  the PEER  Ambassadors also have the opportunity to work alongside an artist to develop PEER Notices, a series of public realm displays that will be positioned locally, encouraging the young people involved to make a mark on the high street where they live, socialise or study. To find out more about PEER Notices please click here

We are not currently recruiting for PEER Ambassadors. Please check back here for the next opportunity to apply. 

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