Through partnerships with our local library, Tenant Management Organisation and community groups PEER offers creative opportunities to people of all ages and from a range of economic, social and cultural backgrounds.

After PEER reopened in 2016 following our capital development scheme we look forward to building on our work to date and reaching new audiences. The capital works significantly enhanced PEER's visibility on the local high street and provide improved facilities for audiences and participants. The improvements to the public realm space to the front of the gallery have transformed the area into an open and inviting pocket park enabling us to fulfil our ambitions of being a truly outward facing organisation and embedding our activities into the local community. The introduction of a new local landmark in the form of a pedestal clock with an illuminated rotating light box serves as a public space for annual art commissions, while in the pocket park we will have created Spontaneous City: Hoxton, a new inhabitable sculpture by London Fieldworks providing homes for birds. 

Previously, a three year pilot programme, PEER Participate (2010-2013), supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation enabled us to create many new partnerships and develop profound and meaningful relationships through a series of long-term projects and activities. Working with artists Maria Amidu, Emma Hart, Louisa Martin, Kathy Macarthy and Dustin O'Hara we realised a series of ambitious projects that you can read more about in the sections on St. Monica's RC Primary SchoolBridge AcademyMe You Hoxton Too and The Sharp End