Judy Freya Sibayan 

Museum of Mental Objects 

Performance: 25 March 2007 from 3pm

A museum of propositions
A museum of memories 
A museum of glimmers 
An entropic museum 
A museum of no visible objects

The Museum of Mental Objects (MoMO) is a performance art museum that proposes that the artist's body be a museum. As its curatorial procedure, MoMO invites artists to whisper artworks to the museum. These works will never be represented or documented in any other shape or form. These works will be kept as mere memories by the museum. The museum can be invited to recite the names of the artists and their artworks. During such a performance/exhibition, there will be no audio or video recordings made, no photographs taken. The audience will be requested to do the same. These works must remain as memories for anyone who hears the works recited/exhibited/performed.

Established as a response to "the constant threat of culture disintegrating into mere commodities" (Walter Benjamin), MoMO will exhibit/collect no visible objects to be commodified.