I'd do this all day if I could       

Alison Ballance, Fiona Chambers, Jane Fawcett, Carl Gent, Ishita, Scott Massey, Nell Osborne, Chris Timms, Saul Williams.

Wednesday 2, 9, 16 and 23 August, 6pm

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I’d do this all day if I could is a programme of eight performances that focus on the act of reading organised by Alison Ballance. The events will be held in PEER’s Participation Space at the rear of the gallery over the first four Wednesday evenings in August.­

I asked my friend who has a car if we could drive to a field. When you go to a field one person must get out of the car to open the gate, let the driver drive thru and then whilst the driver waits for you you must go back and close the gate, then you get back in the car and drive on until you get to the next gate. Either that or you stay in this field.

If you film yourself in the role of the gate opener what you can see is obstructed by the opening of the car door, the closing of the car door, the opening of the gate, the closing of the gate, the opening of the car door and the closing of the car door.  BECAUSE YOUR HANDS ARE FULL.

In between the clashing fingers and surfaces in what is being filmed you might see a part of the landscape or maybe the driver, if he lets you film him and then maybe whatever you decide to do in the field whilst not opening the gates and doors.


Performance dates, doors open 6pm:

2 August
Jane Fawcett and Alison Ballance

9 August
Chris Timms and Saul Williams

16 August
Ishita and Carl Gent & Nell Osborne

23 August
Fiona Chambers and Scott Massey