Hoxton Fun Palace Tea Pavilion

Saturday 4 October

PEER participated in the Hoxton Fun Palace with a Tea Pavilion and Tea Towel Party as part of a nation-wide network of Fun Palace events that appeared in buildings, tents and venues across the UK on the weekend of the 4th and 5th October.

Read Louisa Buck on PEER's Tea Pavilion as featured on The Art Newspaper blog .

On display was possibly the biggest collection of novelty, commemorative, informative, humorous or simply beautiful tea towels ever amassed! PEER invited members of the public to have a cup of tea and a biscuit and to participate by lending their own special tea towels to the colourful display or decorating a new tea towel specially designed for the occasion by artist Christine Binnie.  A £25 cash prize for the most creative tea towel design was awarded to Liam Ryan at the end of the day. The joint runner-up sisters won a chocolate cake!

Visitors were also able to find out about PEER's ambitious proposals for public realm improvements to the front and plans for a new facade and upgrades for the gallery.

This event was one of a number of activitIes taking place on Hoxton Street as part of the nationwide Fun Palaces event, which was coordinated by The Ministry of Stories.