Everything Happens on The Street, Handling, Repairs and Alternations Studio

July and August 2015

During the external refurbishment of PEER, isik knutsdotter from Fourthland will initiate a series of 'street acts' and 'street scenes', thinking about the street as a place that blurs ideas of home, work and public sharing.

Involving passing public they will implement traditional and cross-cultural uses of the street in preparation for a new street corner in Hoxton.

The gallery is open to visitors from noon to 6pm Wednesday to Friday.  

Saturday 22 August  
isik knutsdotter from Fourthland invites you to partake of their ‘culture’ – a special fermented drink, ‘kept alive by humans for thousands of years.’ Join them on Saturday afternoon to watch or participate in a simple performance based on collected histories of Hoxton Street.
‘The beginning of culture began with the hands, an exchange, a passing…’