Open School East  

at Peer 

14 to 23 August 2014

Yemi Awosile, Ania Bas, Charlie George,  Jonathan Hoskins, Andrea Francke, Ross Jardine, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Graham Reid, Eva Rowson, Lisa Skuret and Tommy Ting

Thursday 14 August 6 to 9pm: Opening Reception and Publication Launch 

Eva Rowson and Andrea Francke
Wish you'd been here

For the opening night, Wish you'd been here will invite each exhibiting artist to share the bar with them over the course of the evening to serve a drink or offering of their choice. As an attempt to find a way to work around the awkward anonymity of private views, each artist will be given the most prominent and social spot of the night - at the bar. Wish you'd been here is the start of an investigation to bring together and explore histories and current thoughts of hosting, socialising and partying as a new framework to reflect on contemporary art practices that involve working with people.

Graham Reid
Table for publication: a 1:30 scale model of the Rose Lipman Building, with sympathetic pilotis.

Tommy Ting
Video documentation of Limehouse Blues

Limehouse Blues is choral performance of a new operatic composition that draws upon the history of the Chinese diaspora in Britain, in particular looking at popular depictions of the Chinese in the early the 20th century. The piece locates this history alongside the continuation of Chinese folk music practices such as self-organised Cantonese opera groups in today’s Chinese diasporic communities in the UK. Through collaborative singing, Limehouse Blues explores the human voice as a tool of resilience and singing as a practice to negotiate the confines of displacement, colonialism, loss and trauma.

Ross Jardine
A presentation of video footage recently recorded at Trenoweth Quarry in Cornwall and from the City of London.

Yemi Awosile

A series of prints exploring communication, identity and branding. The work exploits typical formats and layouts influenced by classic compositions commonly found in typography and graphic design.

Matt de Kersaint Giraudeau

A temporary sculpture and performance work, investigating the particular material properties and capacities of an Omega 8004 Masticating Cold Press juicer. The performance examines ideas of desire and transcendence, disgust and the abject in relation to food and health.

Charlie George

Hosts open rehearsals and scratch performances from Dark Island Dancers and The Femme Fatales to explore responsive dance and dance making in a public gallery setting.

Dark Island Dance is a multi-disciplinary dance company based in Hackney and The Femmes Fatales are an all female collective of artists working with punk, dance & gender.

Friday 15 August 6 to 8pm

Bojana Matic & Charlie George plus potential guest dancers 12pm-4pm
Pop up shop window ballets & improv dance routines

Lydia Ashman, Ania Bas, Simone Mair
The Walking Reading Group on Participation

A one-off walk in the ongoing series of The Walking Reading Group on Participation offers the chance to discuss issues surrounding participation, engagement, collaboration and social practice whilst exploring the streets of London. For each session texts are set in advance and form the backbone of the exchange. We depart from a venue and walk for up to two hours, swapping conversation partners and discussion themes. Apart from the texts, personal experiences, projects related to the area and the route through the city will inform the conversations. Meeting point: PEER.

Contact if you wish to join!

Saturday 16 August 2 to 6pm

Lisa Skuret in collaboration with Sally O'Reilly
The De Beauvoir Labs: Portunalia

This collaborative event marks the eve of Portunalia, a neglected festival that honours the Roman god of doors, keys and livestock. As part of De Beauvoir Labs, it is the first speculative and interdisciplinary attempt to revive undervalued skills through collective effort. Over the course of the afternoon a score and lyrics will be produced, by way of painless input on the part of visitors, and performed at 5:30pm. Led by artist Lisa Skuret and writer Sally O’Reilly, with performance by the Dolly Mixtures.

The De Beauvoir Labs are a series of events which form one strand of Communal Materials; Or, Evolution Isn’t Fast Enough – a speculative project in problem solving using deaccessioned ideas and materials by Lisa Skuret. Funded and supported by Arts Council England.

Thursday 21 August 2 to 3pm

new solo work by Isabella Efstathiou

Friday 22 August 6 to 9pm

Jonathan Hoskins
Which Grounds Legitimate

Performance from 7.30 to 7.50pm

Spoken word performance by Jonathan Hoskins, with Lucy Beech, Andrea Francke, Charlie George, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Ross Jardine A group convenes for a meeting. They have been collectively tasked with ‘increasing emergence’. They don’t have much at their disposal, but given where they are, there’s a lot to work with. A lot that used to be legitimate, now isn’t, and could be made to be again. Divergent ideas appear within the dialogue of possible futures, probable pasts, collective memory, and libertarian ethics. The performers appear as themselves. Every week for the past year, they have spent long hours in meetings together, at Open School East. The script they will read has been written in a few weeks, but the performance has developed over a year. Throughout the rest of the evening, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau will be offering freshly masticated, cold pressed juice from his sculpture, Juicer.

Saturday 23 August 12 to 4pm


A new solo work by Isabella Efstathiou


& The Femmes Fatales

An impromptu improvised "gig" from some of this 5 piece collective of artists working with punk, gender & dance.


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