Creating the Future Conference

On June 28 2019 PEER Ambassadors Devinya, Ellise, together with Alice, our Curator for Local Audiences and Gallery Trainee Cora headed off to Leicester for the Creating the Future Conference, an event organised and run by a group of six fantastic young people.

We were asked to produce a series of workshops to underpin a series of problems concerning young people working in the culture industry. Over three sessions Alice, Devinya, Ellise and Cora came up with ‘Spin out the problem’ - a game where participants were encouraged to spin a wheel which had different ‘games’ on. Through each activity we aimed to tackle the different challenges faced when working with young people. Another workshop we planned was ‘Get me to the Gallery’, where  two people held either end of a rope that signified a journey, two extremities leading from point A to B. Together with the public we explored overcoming barriers that young people may encounter whilst approaching and entering an art institution.
Our third and last workshop was called ‘Lingo Bingo’ where we gave each participant a laminated bingo grid and a pen. Unlike the original bingo, this game involved overused, controversial and misunderstood words relating to young people and the arts industries rather than numbers. We then opened the discussion to the group, finding different definitions of the word, aiming to unpack its meaning.

During the workshop preparation we realised how crucial it is to approach these topics and how liberating it is to share our personal experiences to overcome situations, making clear that empathy is more than necessary. During the workshops everyone got involved and Lingo Bingo went down a storm! It was so lovely and encouraging to be in a room full of people who wanted to understand, learn and actively improve their and their organisation’s actions.
We thoroughly enjoyed the conference, also thanks to speakers like Dr Lisa Mckenzie – an inspiring, hardworking, determined woman, whom we hope she’ll able to come to PEER and speak to our Ambassadors in the future.

We were also extremely proud of Devinya as she was asked to be on the end of the day panel. Her chance to speak up made us feel valued and empowered and it was definitely an opportunity that we look forward to joining again soon.