Columbia Primary School


As part of the exhibition Out of Site, artist Savinder Bual worked with a class of thirty Year 5 children from Columbia Primary School to produce a series of stop-motion animation works for projection on PEER's gallery windows.

The works were inspired by pre-cinematic devices such as the phenokistoscope and the zoetrope and the resulting animations can be seen here.


Thank you to the teachers at Columbia Primary School and the talented young makers from Year 5: Anika, Anis, Dean, Demsey, Emile, Esme, Fahim, Fidhha, Gracie, Kate, Leon, Mazin, Mohammad, Nazat, Oleanna, Poppy, Raihana, Thania, Rebekah, Ruhul, Sakhowat, Sameera, Shafi, Shiza, Shuaib, Taeo, Tahira, Vivien, Yaren.

Out of Site was co-commissioned with Animate Projects and supported by a grant from Arts Council England.