Breda Beban

Walk of the Three Chairs

14 to 19 December 2013

Walk of the Three Chairs was originally commissioned in 2002 alongside its companion piece I Can’t Make You Love Me. This atmospheric 10-minute film (shot by the renowned cinematographer Robby Muller), follows Beban as she drifts down the Danube on the outskirts of Belgrade on a boat which she shares with a small gypsy band. Walk of the Three Chairs records Beban performing the ritual action of its title – a traditional Slavic rite of celebration whereby the person honoured walks an exuberant if precarious passage, in which the chair behind them is continually carried to the front of them so that their feet never touch the ground. As she does so, Beban and the band break out into an equally well-known folk song. Accentuating the highs and lows of love’s emotional odyssey, while linking the airborne exhilaration ofWalk of the Three Chairs to the underlying traumas of its partner work, I Can’t Make You Love Me, the name of the song is particularly trenchant: ‘Who Does Not Know How to Suffer Does Not Know How to Love’.

The exhibition of Breda Beban's Walk of the Three Chairs at PEER commemorates Film and Video Umbrella’s long association with the artist, who died last year, and is part of Film and Video Umbrella's anniversary programme of screenings and special events, 25 Frames.

The staging will be accompanied by a screening in association with Lux at Hackney Picturehouse, looking back at an earlier body of work made by Beban and her partner Hrvoje Horvatic (1958-1997).

Tuesday 17 December 7pm
Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE

PEER commissioned a major offsite installation and single screen presentation at PEER by Breda Beban in 2003. Click here to read more.

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