Anthony McCall 

Between You and I

A new solid light installation at The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton Road, London E5: 24 March to 23 April 2006
An exhibition at PEER of drawings for Between You and I: 24 March to 22 April 2006

The magnificent space of The Round Chapel provides a unique opportunity to realise a new work by Anthony McCall, which he has described as follows:

Between You and I is a sculptural installation based on two twelve-metre-tall standing forms of 'solid' light, projected downwards from ceiling to floor within a darkened space. The luminous membranes of each of the two projections have their own independent rules of motion and change, but over time each gradually takes on the formal properties of the other, while discarding some of its own. This double transition is enacted in repeating cycles of 32 minutes. During each cycle the two projected forms, in effect, change places.

McCall is well known for his avant-garde films from the early 70s, and in particular his seminal piece, Line Describing a Cone from 1973 in which a sculptural form composed of projected light slowly evolves in three-dimensional space. Using new animation techniques Between You and I is more complex and sophisticated while retaining the sculptural purity and elegance of the earlier work. The installation invites participation, and visitors are invited to move around and through the work.

At Peer's gallery space in Hoxton Street, McCall is showing a series of stills or 'drawings' in which the progression of the projected elements that comprise Between You and I is plotted at two-minute intervals. Appearing as abstracted arabesques, a closer reading of these line-drawings discloses the exchange that occurs between the two independent structures as each changes over time. 

Artist's multiple:

To raise funds for PEER's programme and on the occasion of his exhibition of works on paper at Sprüth Magers London and his major installation at Ambika P3, Anthony McCall has produced Coupling. Click here to view and buy the work.

Anthony McCall is represented by
Sean Kelly, New York

This project has been generously supported by:

This project has been generously supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and MITES. We are grateful for the kind cooperation and technical support of Dick Straker at Mesmer Productions and Halo Lighting. The Round Chapel is administered by The Hackney Historic Buildings Trust.