Adopt a Tub Community Trail Launch

On Thursday 15 August we launched the rico-printed Adopt a Tub Trail and hosted a community walk to all of the baths to celebrate. We were fortunate enough that it was a sunny day!

Follow the trail for yourselves by downloading the it here. (Please note that not all of the baths are accessible at all times.)

Trail tips:

Tubs 1 & 2, PEER: you can find the baths to the rear of PEER in the car park
Tubs 3 & 4, Myrtle Walk – North and South Arden estate: the tubs are located along a pathway through the estate, just off Hoxton Street
Tub 5, Alive & Kicking: spot the tub underneath another bold artwork
Tub 6, Shoreditch Library: along Falkirk Street you will spot the bath behind large gates in a car park next to the library
Tub 7, Hundred Years Gallery: spot the tub opposite the gallery on the pavement for all to see
Tub 8, Hoxton Hall: the tub is located in their courtyard and can be seen by visitors as they go to the theatre
Tub 9, St John’s Church: you will spot the tub in front of a former water fountain
Tub 10, Saint Monica’s Primary School: from the pavement on Hoxton Street you will see the tub through the fence close to reception
Tub 11, OKN1 (Aina’s bath): head up the ramp to OKN1 and you can see the bath in the garden
Tub 12, New City College (outside SEND department): this tub is only accessible to students and visitors to the college

A limited number of risograph printed trails can also be found in partner venues including: PEER, Shoreditch Library, Alive & Kicking, North and South Arden estate TMO office and Hoxton Hall.

Special thanks to Hato Press for their fantastic support in printing.