Adopt a Tub

With generous help from the Hoxton Trust to store them, we have rescued bath tubs to be adopted and used by the local community, giving the tubs new lives as flower and vegetable planters. Through a series of FREE workshops with experienced gardener Jane Heather and artist Olivia Mathurin, participants are learning about plants, deciding on the planting and co-designing an artwork for the exterior of the tubs, meaning the planters will be enjoyed both for their nature and as art!

We have now finished planting and the installation of artworks onto the baths and they can be seen across Hoxton at: PEER, Alive & Kicking, Myrtle Walk on the North and South Arden Estate, Shoreditch Library, New City College, Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton Hall and St Monica’s Primary School.

You can also follow our progress and other similar green community projects on Grow Wild’s website, who are generously funding the project, here.

Download the free Adopt a Tub Community Trail Guide here!

To find out more, please email: or text/call Alice: 07704 103 578

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