PEER consistently surprises by creating opportunities for artists to produce exceptional work in unexpected circumstances. 
Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate

PEER commissions, produces and presents the highest quality art for its diverse local community, as well as for wider audiences across London, the UK and beyond.

PEER’s Mission is to:

  • Offer and promote the highest quality art as being part of daily life, embedding its activities into the local community. 
  • Be a truly outward-facing and innovative arts organisation on the local high street, led by ideas, excellence and diversity rather than fashion and marketability.
  • Nurture and provide a platform for the talent of a diverse range of emerging, mid-career and established artists and enable them to take new risks.
  • Offer creative experiences and opportunities to local people of all ages and from a range of economic, social and cultural backgrounds.

PEER is one of Arts Council England's National Portfolio clients.

PEER completed an ambitious two phase development project in spring 2016, reopening with radically improved galleries, a new doubled-glazed façade and a vastly improved public realm area in  front of the gallery.  
Unsolicited proposals policy
PEER's exhibition programme is researched and developed in advance and we are unable to accept unsolicited approaches for meetings, exhibitions or projects.


PEER is grateful for the support of:



Director: Ingrid Swenson

General Manager: Natasha Vicars

Curator of Local Audiences: Ania Bas

Gallery Trainee: Sanaz Movahedi

Board of Trustees:
Isabelle Nowak (Chair)
Achim Borchardt-Hume (Deputy Chair)
Simon Tuttle (Treasurer)
Habda Rashid
Felicity Allen
Juan Cruz
Alister Warman
Jeff McMillan
Craig Burnett
Claire Reay

PEER Visionaries:
Isabelle Nowak & Torsten Winkler
Sarah & Gerard Griffin
Courtney & Roland Phillips

Honorary Patron:
Mark Wallinger

PEER Champions:
Kate Bland & Charlotte Schepke
Maureen Paley
Harriet & Oliver Kimberley                                        
Dennis Pedersen & Misia Godebska
Karen Smith
Kier McGuinness & Dr. Alex Hooi
Stefan & Ellen Goetz
Maren Finizio
Francesca & Carlos Pinto
Jonathan & Lucy Wood
Brian Boylan
and others who wish to remain anonymous

PEER Best Friends:
Sofia Bocca
Mario Palencia
Jim Moyes
Jonathon Tomlinson
Rachel Cooke
Tanya Harrod                                                                    
and others who wish to remain anonymous

Advisory Group:
Paul Dale
Teresa Gleadowe
Richard Grayson
Ali Musa
Sally O'Reilly
Hugh Pilkington

Annual Reports:
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2014–2015
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2013–2014
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2012–2013
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2011-2012
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2010-2011
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2009–2010
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2008–2009
PEER UK Ltd annual report 2008
The Pier Trust annual report 2007